Saj Hotels Pvt Ltd takes pride in offering an array of exquisite dining experiences across its diverse range of restaurants. Each restaurant within the Saj Hotels portfolio is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Maati Baani - Malshej

The earth has its own magical way of presenting itself in forms of mud, rocks, crops, plants and each has its own uniqueness like different languages spoken.
The language is abstract and needs to be felt through the above elements and hence the brick work to give “maati” feeling, clouds to give the feel of open space, cooking of food in mud pots to give the earthy flavour, serving in earthenware to understand simplicity and pit cooking to know mud’s magical power to flavour.

Lake House Cafe

The best view in the property, Lake House Cafe serves you the best of food from the western world. From Pizza, Pasta to Tacos and Sandwiches, we serve it all.
Picture a space where you sip on Cafe Caffee day coffee or delicious milkshakes. It is definitely a must try.