Saj in the Forest, Pench

Formed in 1975 and named after the river that flows through it, Pench National Park and the Tiger Reserve is today a shining example of tiger conservation. Spread over nearly 260, the Park is spreads into both Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. This land of legend was the perfect place for us to expand into Central India and set up our third property.

Enter Saj in the Forest, Pench. Adjoining the forest and sprawled over 32 acres of undulating land, Saj in the Forest is our ode to childhood memories and lost adventure. We share our boundary with the buffer of the forest and we have intentionally left this unfenced to ensure the natural habitat remains untouched to the maximum extent possible and all species coexist and freely move about, without stepping into each other’s spaces. After all, this is their home and we are the visitors.


We have 3 categories of rooms, inspired by and named for 3 of the
landmark tree species that thrive in the forests of Pench.



Amongst the largest rooms on offer in Pench, these have a sitting area, changing area with closet, and large bathrooms. Built in sets of two rooms, they can be booked individually or together by families or groups that want to stay together. Both rooms share a spacious veranda and an outdoor sit out perfect for sipping by a bonfire.



Perfect for couples or small families, these cosy independent rooms have private gazebos accessed by a small bridge as well as dedicated wardrobe areas and well-appointed bathrooms.



Created for families to enjoy the forest as one, these are two suites built side-by-side and independent from one another. The suites each have two bedrooms, individual spacious bathrooms, a common living room which is accessed from a common foyer. The Sal set also has a large lawn and outdoor area that is fenced off for privacy & are situated just across the swimming pool and other key amenities.

Things To Do

At Saj in the Forest, Pench, we offer several chargeable as well as complimentary activities.

Jungle Safari
Backwater Safari
Pottery Village Visit
An Evening at Kohka
Dinner Under the stars
Night Photography
Celebrate with the Gonds
Up in the Air
Kala Pahad
Swimming Pool
Special Picnic Setups

Dining & Drinks

At Saj in the Forest, Pench, we offer several chargeable as well as complimentary activities.

Maati Baani (Restaurant)

The earth has its own magical way of presenting itself in forms of mud, rocks, crops, plants & each has its own uniqueness like different languages spoken.The flagship onsite restaurant of Saj Resorts, Maati Baani has a fan following that is sure to draw its fans to Pench. Created to speak the culinary language of the land, the menu places a special emphasis on Indian ingredients & cuisines, especially Maharashtrian fare, while also serving up a delightful array of international options. The Live Kitchen Counter is sure to be a special draw.

Baghinala (Bar)

Being the name of a famous lake in Pench made Baghinala the perfect name for our watering hole. Perch by the bar or slow down under the stars – the bar offers both indoor and outdoor seating. But wherever you choose to sit, you can be sure that you’ll have an intoxicating range of signature cocktails as well as the finest brands to choose from.

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    * We do not accept enquries for Mahabaleshwar