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Almost half (48%) of survey respodents said they are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression since working from home and 73% said their stress, anxiety, and depression have worsened or is a new experience they are feeling since remote work.

Sleep Enhancement Therapy

Spine Rejuvenating Therapy

Eye Rejuvention Therapy

Muscle Strengthening Therapy

Relive Body Pain Therapy


Wellness Therapies

Sleep Enhancement Therapy

It’s an old-age techniques and combination of traditional knowledge designed a therapy which induces natural sleep and improves quality of sleep just in 3 sittings.

90 Mins

Spine Wellness Therapy

It’s a specialized massage using specific strokes & specific herbal hot compression.

Spine Rejuvenating Therapy

60 Mins

Back Strengthening Therapy

30 Mins

Muscle strengthening therapy

Worried of this? We have solution check our Muscle strengthening therapy combination of traditional Tibetan, Thai & Ayurveda knowledge we have designed this special treatment.

60 Mins

Eye Rejuvenation Therapy

It’s a specialized therapy given to eyes and foot sole. This therapy gives strength to eye muscles so that they coup up with extra stress they are getting. Same time special herbal oil & extracts gives relief and rejuvenate eye muscles. This gives shining bright eyes back.

30 Mins

Relive My Body Pain Therapy

Check our Therapy to relive body pain. Our therapy consists of combination of traditional Swedish massage technic and specific aroma oils. Basalt volcanic stone has special ability to relive pain & stress. Increase flexibility, reduces muscle spasms & tension which may be due to regular workout and induces sleep.

60 Mins

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Massage was once considered a luxury – something you would enjoy at a spa or health club. However, the benefit of a massage is now considered a more mainstream therapy and is often recommended by doctors and other medical professionals.
The RK Wellness staff recognizes massage as a part of an overall wellness program. You may choose to have a full body or isolated area massage.


Relaxation Therapies

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