Rediscover comfort atop our mountain retreat.

Saj On The Mountain, Mahabaleshwar, is the ideal blend of leisure and recreation. The ambience is perfect to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the resort.

Pamper yourself at Vyom Spa, lounge around the pool, enjoy walks around the sprawling property, and go strawberry picking at the nearby farms. Saj On The Mountain, allows you to hit pause on your very hectic life.

Saj on the Mountain


The Luxury Rooms highlight the extensive space synonymous with Saj On The Mountain. The fully furnished rooms are equipped with all modern amenities. Indulge in the plush comfort specially designed for your relaxation.


Take your holiday up a notch by staying in the Luxury Room with a Balcony. Bask in the morning sun, swing in the early evening breeze, and enjoy great conversation and laughter with friends and family at night, on the large, private balcony attached to the luxurious room.


An all-time favourite of our regulars, the cottages are truly a home away from home. Being the largest rooms at Saj On The Mountain, the cottages can house the entire family under one roof. Unique in design, some cottages offer private gardens to enjoy laidback evenings with friends and family.






Fasal serves royal thali inspired from the cuisine of the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. We work with local farmers to source some of the freshest vegetables and ingredients, which we then cook using age old recipes to offer our guests and visitors an authentic thali experience.

Wilson's Cafe

Wilson's Cafe

Wilson’s Cafe is our all-day dining restaurant that offers great view of the mountains as our guests relax and catch up with each other. The menu has been carefully designed to be as extensive as possible and cater to all palettes. From hearty breakfast meals, to lip smacking snacks, light lunches to soulful dinner Wilson’s cafe is truly the heart of resort.



Darwin is our window out into the west allowing our guests to experience world food in a wonderful ambience. From just sitting back and reading a book while snacking on our appetizers to sipping on our specially concocted Mocktails while awaiting their mouth-watering main courses, Darwin is truly a new age expression of kitchen and the resort.

The Estate

The Estate

Dinner at Saj On The Mountain is celebration hosted at the The Estate. The elaborate, multi-cuisine buffet is served alongside live entertainment, beneath the start lit sky. The dinner festivities let you enjoy the wonderful mountain weather over a delicious meal.

Places of Interest

  • Saj on the Mountain
  • Saj on the Mountain
  • Saj on the Mountain
  • Saj on the Mountain


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